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A warm greeting to all and WELCOME to our travel blog and affiliate marketing website!

family Cornwall
family Cornwall

My name is Tom Kormos. I am the business owner of This site is for travel freaks who are always ready for a new adventure.

I am from the beautiful capital of Hungary Budapest. I have lived on the scenic South-Western coast of England, Weston-super-Mare with my family for 12 years.

Since early childhood, I have regularly travelled around the world with my family. I took my first flight at the age of three. Dad was a diplomat. Early on I dreamed of becoming a “travelling ambassador” like him.

No wonder travelling has become my primary passion. Travelling has become my wife’s and three children’s love, too. Whenever we have a little time we set forth for an outing, a drive, a walk, or a hike. We spend our holidays in the open air, on the beach, on the shore of the lake, or on the mountainside.

I had a most fulfilling business career for 30+ years before my retirement. Toured Europe multiple times. Visited almost all the countries of the Continent. Roamed the World from the United States to India, Indonesia, to Japan.

You don’t want to miss my reports of unique adventures.

Besides writing a travel blog I act as an affiliate marketer for travel companies. You are kindly invited to my tours. Fasten your seat belt! Get ready to check out the hype!

We are leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of tomorrow.