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What they won’t tell you about Hungary

A Brief Introduction

You might be a busy bee at work having only a few days to get away and relax. You are puzzled how you could make the most of it at this time of the year.

Budapest is the perfect European city break. You will find everything there – breathtakingly beautiful architecture, extraordinary nightlife, lovely food, and everything at affordable prices. The city is very safe, just right for a solo trip too. And then you can get soaked in magnificent thermal spa baths giving it another edge over other European cities. The three most popular baths are Szechenyi, Gellert and Kiraly.

48 Hours In Budapest


Hungary is a landlocked country in central Europe (area: 35,919 square miles or 93,030 square kilometres), bordered by Slovakia to the north, Ukraine and Romania to the northeast and east, Croatia and Serbia to the south, and Austria and Slovenia to the west.

Relief is mostly flat; the Great Hungarian Plain is a productive agricultural area.

The Danube River, Hungary’s largest river, cuts the country in two. It touches 10 countries and covers nearly 1,800 miles (2,900 kilometres), before it joins the Black Sea.

Lake Balaton is the largest freshwater lake in Central-Eastern Europe. Hungarians call it the “Hungarian Sea”. The average depth is 3.2 metres, so during the summer heat, the water surface gets heated up quickly. It makes Lake Balaton a popular holiday destination, an ideal place for bathing, water sports, and dabbling of children. That entices holiday-makers from every part of the world.

Lake Hévíz one of the largest thermal water lakes in the world can also be found in this area.

Sailboats Lake Balaton Hungary
Sailboats Lake Balaton Hungary


Hungary has a history of 1.100 years and is one of the oldest states in Europe, older even than France or Germany. The Hungarian tribes, the Magyars, conquered the Carpathian Basin, the present territory of Hungary in 896.

 The Ottoman Turks subjugated Hungary in 1541 and ruled the country until 1699, when with the help of neighbouring Austria, they were expelled. Turkish rule was replaced by the Habsburgs (Austrian). In the end, Hungary joined the Austro-Hungarian Empire with equal rights in 1867.  After World War I in 1918, the empire disintegrated. Hungary was among the losers of the war alongside Germany, Austria and Italy. 2/3 of its territory and 60% of its population were dispossessed by the victorious powers, the USA, Great Britain and France.

In World War II, from 1940 to 1945 Hungary again took the wrong side alongside the Axis powers—Germany, Italy, and Japan—. The Soviet Union delivered Hungary from German occupation but stayed in the country as invaders inflicting communism on the people. In 1956 the Hungarian people rebelled against Soviet oppression, but the revolution was crushed. In the end, Hungary gained back its sovereignty in 1990, when the first democratic elections were held and the Soviet troops were withdrawn eventually.


Hungary has been a democracy for 32 years only. It became a member of the European Union in 2004.

Hungary is a parliamentary republic. The parliament is the supreme legislative body. The head of state is the president, elected by the parliament. He/she is commander in chief of the armed forces but otherwise has limited authority.  The prime minister, directly elected by the electorate is the head of government, responsible for running the country.

For the last 12 years, the coalition of right-wing, conservative, Christian Democratic parties has been in power. There have been rumours ever since that Hungary is an autocracy, violating the rule of law, human rights and democratic principles. Independence of the judiciary, freedom of expression, and the rights of refugees and minorities have also been questioned. These allegations, however, have never been justified. On the contrary, Hungary is a thriving democracy with unprecedented media pluralism unknown in the West (the ratio of pro-government and opposition media is roughly 50-50%). Everybody can freely express their political views without the fear of being intimidated. The Hungarian Government has always been ready for negotiations and settlement of disputes. Since 2010 the Christian Democratic, Conservative, and National parties have won the parliamentary elections by a 2/3 super majority 4 times. It’s the most authentic evidence that the overwhelming majority of the Hungarian people support the policies of their government. The economy has been thriving, indeed. Record number of investments, GDP growth, export surplus and employment were achieved. At the same time level of taxation is the lowest in the EU.

The criticism concerning Hungary is political. The right-wing, Conservative, Patriotic government’s policy of Hungary is different from that of the Western Liberal Mainstream. Hungary is more successful economically and as far as societal peace is concerned than other member states of the European Union.

Hungarians love their country, history and traditions. They are very welcoming and hospitable people. Visit the country and experience it for yourself. See for yourself how the Hungarians live, and enjoy peace, safety and security unimaginable in the West today.

The country is facing numerous challenges, but the Government and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán are relentlessly fighting for the welfare of the Hungarian people and Hungarian interests.

Automobiles, electronics, and pharmaceuticals are the key industries in Hungary. Agricultural production of wheat, corn, sunflowers, and many other in-demand crops is substantial.

Parliament Budapest
Parliament, Budapest


Public spas are very popular, and Hungarians have been soaking for centuries. The soaking traditions stem from the country’s hundreds of natural hot springsBudapest has the most thermal water springs compared to any other capital city in the world. Of the well-known ones in the city are the Szechenyi, Gellert, and Kiraly Baths. Across the country, you can find more than 1,500 thermal spas. Soaking in a thermal bath is one of the best things you can do in Hungary.

The most popular and famous dish is goulash, a thick beef soup cooked with onions and potatoes.

Halaszle, a rich fish soup is also favoured.

The most famous dessert is chimney cake. 

Traditional folk music plays an important part in Hungarian culture.

Hungarians also excel in classical music. Béla Bartók and Franz Liszt are two well-known composers.

The Hungarian language is very unique. Foreigners say probably it’s the language of Heaven because it takes an eternity to learn it. It’s not similar to any language. The closest relatives are the Finno-Ugrian languages, Estonian, Lapp and Finnish.

  • Fun Facts
  • There are 1300 thermal springs, 22 wine regions, 10 national parks, and 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Hungary
  • The Budapest Metro is the oldest one in continental Europe and the second oldest in the world
  • The Hungarians write their surname first, followed by their given name
  • The Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest is the third largest one in the world
  • The largest Jewish synagogue in Europe and the second largest one in the world is in Budapest
  • Hungary is the home to the first established wine region in the world, Tokaj
  • Budapest was incorporated as a major city when three cities merged in 1873—Buda, Pest, and Obuda
  • There is a train in Budapest that is almost entirely run by children ages 10 to 14. Kids must do a four-month training course to become conductors, inspectors, and workers. The only adults working there are the station master and the adults who drive the train
  • There are no buildings in Budapest that are taller than 96 meters. The Hungarian Parliament building and the Szent Istvan Basilica, are the tallest ones and both exactly 96 meters high. 96 meters is symbolic —it represents the years when the Magyars came to the area, in 896
Basilica Budapest
Basilica Budapest

Let’s start exploring what the hype about Budapest is!

A teaser

Itinerary for first time visitors and short stay
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Chain Bridge & Parliament Budapest
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Fun programmes for young adults

Epic Nightlife Tour – Tailored tours in Budapest party district 

Pretty girls in nightlife
Pretty girls in the nightlife


Romantic tours for couples

Budapest Romantic Private Tuk Tuk Tour

tuk tuk and couple on hillside
tuk tuk
Special trips for families with minors

Guided Tours in Budapest on MonsteRoller e-Scooter 

E-scooter ride in Budapest

Explore the rest of Hungary, round trips

Private tour from Budapest to a top hidden treasure region of Europe: Lake Balaton

On the beach Lake Balaton
Lake Balaton
The 5 most well-known Hungarians in the world. What are they famous for?
Ferenc Puskás footballer

Ferenc Puskás – Hungarian footballer considered by FIFA as one of the best footballers of all time. After the 1956 revolution, he emigrated to Spain and played for Real Madrid. He worked as a football coach on all continents during his career. He is the best-known player of the Hungarian Golden Team.

  • Ernő Rubik – The Rubik’s Cube is one of the most popular games in the world. Originally it was called the “Magic Cube”.
  • Béla Bartók – Pianist, folk music researcher, and one of the most important composers of the 20th century. At the age of 9-10, he was already composing his music for piano.
  • László Bíró – inventor of the ballpoint pen, or biro
  • Albert Szent-Györgyi – discoverer of vitamin C – (he was awarded the Nobel prize for this discovery in 1937)

The Hungarians are welcoming and hospitable people.

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Beautiful architecture, rich cultural heritage, stunning views of the landscape, peaceful environment, security and safety attract plenty of visitors to Hungary throughout the year.

Once you have visited the country you will fall in love with it and won’t be able to wait to come back.